Fall Family Session | Duke Island Park

I have been loving all the Family sessions this season! Fall is always such beautiful weather and a perfect time of year for Family Portraits! This session was particularly special because little Olivia recently turned 1 and her brother Aaron just turned 3! Olivia was much more interested in her cheerios than smiling at the camera and Aaron was full of energy, running all around and finding lots of sticks. We did manage to get a few smiles from Olivia, and Mommy and Daddy were able to hold Aaron still for some family pictures. It's funny how all toddlers seem to be determined to make us work for that one perfect photo. Forcing us to do silly things like balance a football on our head, make ridiculous faces or play peek-a-boo. And sometimes nothing works except to let them run free and realize that these photos are memories, capturing these cute little ones just as they are.




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