Harley Quinn | Newborn Session

Everyone, meet Harleen Quinn.

Not only is her name beautiful and unique, but she also has a very special birthday... she's a Leap Day baby! Her Mommy and Daddy are so thrilled to be her parents and couldn't love her more! What better way to start out her session than with some comic books of her namesake - Harley Quinn. This was definitely a first for a newborn session but we had so much fun! Jenna made a fun (big) tu-tu with 'Harley's' colors, and brought along cute little 'Harley Quinn' boots! Basically this little girl is surrounded by everything Harley Quinn ;) And it looks like Daddy and Uncle Jeremiah have a new cute sidekick. We did of course sneak some pink headbands and pretty knit hats onto her, and all the while couldn't stop awwing over how perfect and adorable she is. We love the moments captured with both Mommy and Daddy, the sweet smiles and gentle kisses. There really is nothing quite like the love of a new parent <3

Larissa and Naomi




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