Hi! I'm Naomi Kuhlken, wedding and portrait photographer passionate about what I do. I strive to build a relationship with my clients, making a connection that enables me to bring out the best in them and capture it with my camera. I love to work with natural light, and create photos that are balanced between photo-journalistic and traditional styles. Based in scenic Hunterdon County, I am lucky to use my beautiful surroundings as a backdrop for my work.



In the summer of 1995 I met a boy whose last name was Kuhlken, and my fate was sealed. His dad was a wedding photographer, and as soon as he saw I’d caught the bug I had my very first Canon. He has not stopped encouraging me to take the next step and so I have constantly worked to learn and improve my work, and now am blessed to be living the dream. And the highlight of that story? I married the boy.  :)

I LOVE what I do. Capturing moments, some that no one else sees, and preserving them to bring joy for a lifetime is such a privilege and in turn brings me such joy. I watch stories unfold, and love being able to tell those stories with my photos. I tear up at weddings, get giddy over beautiful light, and feel all warm and fuzzy when I’m sitting here after a session and see THAT image--the one that captures my client and their personality so perfectly that I just can’t wait to share it with them.  

When I’m not working, I’m busy loving life with my amazing, supportive husband, our three beautiful children, a couple fat cats and our pup Barley. Life is full with my boys' ice hockey, my daughter's art, family game night and like every parent these days, Minecraft. I think drive-thru Starbucks are God’s gift to mothers, am obsessed with mid-century everything, and am always thinking about what part of the world I'd like to see next.

                           Can't wait to meet you!

                                                             - Naomi