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Larissa and NaomiNew Jersey Wedding Photographers

We are friends, we are sisters and we are photographers passionate about what we do.  We strive to build a relationship with our clients, making a connection that enables us to bring out the best in them and capture it with our cameras.  We love to work with natural light, and our work strikes a perfect balance between photo-journalistic and traditional.  We are New Jersey wedding and portrait photographers based in scenic Hunterdon County, and love using our beautiful surroundings as a backdrop to our work.



In the summer of 1995 I met a boy whose last name was Kuhlken, and my fate was sealed.  His dad was a wedding photographer, and as soon as he saw I’d caught the bug I had my very first Canon.  He has not stopped encouraging me to take the next step and so I have constantly worked to learn and improve my work, and now am blessed to be living the dream.  And the highlight of that story? I married the boy.  :)

I LOVE what I do.  Capturing moments, some that no one else sees, and preserving them to bring joy for a lifetime is such a privilege and in turn brings me such joy.  I watch stories unfold, and love being able to tell those stories with my photos.  I tear up at weddings, get giddy over beautiful light, and feel all warm and fuzzy when I’m sitting here after a session and see THAT image--the one that captures my client and their personality so perfectly that I just can’t wait to share it with them.  

When I’m not working, I’m busy loving life with my amazing, supportive husband, our three beautiful children, a fat cat and a giant dog.  Life is full with ice hockey, horses and brightly colored toys.  I think drive-thru Starbucks are God’s gift to mothers, am obsessed with fabric and decorating, and if we’re not watching Devils’ hockey I’m trying to convince my hubby to watch the 6 hour BBC Pride and Prejudice mini series...again.  





Larissa BumbackNew Jersey Wedding Photographer


Ever since I could walk and talk, I've had a camera in my hands. It was an exhilarating day when I had my first roll of film developed- very crooked pictures of all my toys, blurry shots of my brother's face, and quite a few pictures of my finger covering the lens. I quickly learned that I could take pictures of absolutely everything.... whether it was still or in motion. After all, my dad was a photographer, so I was always watching, asking, and learning.

When I was old enough, I started shooting weddings alongside of my dad. Being a young girl who hadn't been to many weddings, I was in such awe with the beauty of the day and the pure love that was captured in each image. I fell in love with each wedding I photographed and then one day it hit me- I wasn't just documenting an event- I was capturing feeling. I was capturing emotion. I was capturing...love. Then and there, I knew that's what I wanted to do the rest of my life.

Now I live in beautiful Hunterdon county with my two loves - my husband Chris, and our 'baby girl', a sweet german shepherd who brightens our every day. When I'm not working, I spend every minute enjoying life with these two - they are my world.
I am also passionate (and a little obsessed) about all things natural and being healthy. I want to take the best care that I can of my body and our environment. I am fascinated and pretty much in love with herbs and the many wonders they possess. Everyday I strive to learn something new and apply it to my life. It's incredible, and quite addicting!