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Nicole & Sean's Engagement Session

We knew from the moment we met Nicole and Sean that we would love being their photographers. We had lots of laughs when we first met with them and loved their goofy side, but beyond that, we could see how much they loved each other. And as wedding photographers...we're suckers for love <3

We were excited to get to know Nicole and Sean more and what better way than an engagement session! Especially this one. They chose Round Valley Reservoir - specifically the boat launch area. We remarked that we hadn't been there in some time and loved how beautiful it is! Nicole and Sean actually spent a lot of time there and one of their first experiences together was when Sean pushed Nicole out of the boat! The things boys do when they like a girl... ;) Obviously it worked and Nicole fell (literally) for Sean. These two are just so beyond cute together, and they love to have fun! None of us stopped smiling or laughing the entire session, even when we asked for a more serious pose or face...they somehow made it fun. But the best part was at the end of their session, when we decided to go down to the water. Nicole had made a cute 'Save the Date' leaf so we all thought it would be fun to get a picture of it floating in the water. The water level was really low so there was a bit of mud, but we (Naomi and Larissa) had rain boots on so we happily kept walking, thinking about how prepared and smart we were to have worn the boots. Nicole stayed behind so as not to dirty her nice shoes and Sean came along with us. It started getting a little hard to walk and we were laughing, of course, until we couldn't move at all. Yes, we got stuck in the mud. Naomi was the furthest and most stuck so Larissa tried to go a bit further to see if she could lend a hand, but that resulted in a loss of balance and her falling right down into the mud. The cameras were safe and once we all realized she was okay - we laughed, and kept laughing. Needless to say, we didn't make it down to the water but it was still somehow a fitting way to end our session with this fun loving couple.

Congratulations Nicole and Sean! We can't wait for your wedding next October...we'll be prepared for anything. ;)


Naomi & Larissa




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