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Sam & Tom's Wedding

Many cultures believe that rain on your wedding day is good luck. We've all heard it time and time again, but yet no one actually wants a rainy wedding day. Fortunately Sam didn't seem to care, I arrived at her parent's house that Friday morning where she was happy and calm as could be! She and her girls all looked gorgeous! We even had a special appearance by Brandon, their adorable ring bearer. Sam had chosen a beautiful, rich purple for the girls dresses which of course was complimented by their perfect white rose bouquets by Lodi Flowers. It was drizzling as we left for Season's Catering, but as soon as Sam and Tom had their first look.. the rain stopped! We were able to go outside and take photos on the gorgeous grounds and gardens. Everything looked so rich and vibrant thanks to rain, and Sam and Tom were all smiles. After their beautiful ceremony, Joe and the guys from DJ Express immediately got the party started and had it going all night! Everyone had such a fun time dancing and celebrating. We did sneak outside one last time to take a few pictures in the misty rain and they look magical. Such a perfect day for this amazing couple, rain and all!




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