Ben and Kyndra's Wedding at Historic Stonebrook Farm

What a wonderful day we had with Ben and Kyndra! After months of uncertainty since their engagement session in June, I'm so happy they were able to have their wedding! Unfortunately Ben's parents were not able to come from Malaysia, but they were able to join via livestream and sent a lovely video of love and congratulations that everyone was able to watch during the party. 

The Historic Stonebrook is definitely one of my favorite venues ever, with perfect backdrops everywhere you turn! Ben and Kyndra learned about it from their amazing caterer The Catering Company and I'm so glad they did! We had so much fun exploring the property during our time with the newlyweds for their portraits. The creek, field, barn, silo... and we could have kept going!

What a perfect day for this incredibly sweet couple. Congratulations Ben and Kyndra!

Naomi and Larissa


Karen Carpenter(non-registered)
What a magical day of beauty and fellowship and union. My whole heart was with you. I’m
So glad you had a talented artist capture the day for you.
Gorgeous photos. It was a beautiful day and you captured it so well. I am thrilled with how they came out!! So beautiful! Excellent job Kuhlken photographers!
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